Thackett Canard

Nineblood Draftsman 2



Strength 6
Quickness 6
Reason 8
Charisma 5
Magic 4
Heart 7

Mood: 3
Body: 5

Successfully assisted in the piloting of a Zeppelin across the skies. (5)
Jerry-rigged pontoon bridge that saved home village from rising floodwaters (5)
Family died due to poor water due to contamination from dead animals upstream (5)
Used a self-designed nine-point Scarrow Stick to help fend off forces of chaos (6)

Wants to provide potable water for the poor of Rithaign (3)
Avenge the death of wife and children by aristocratic negligence (4)

d6, sultan engineer

Engineer Abilities
Engineering. Add 1 bonus point per engineer level to (up to) three Histories that are primarily focused on engineering.

Cumulative Fighting Styles: 1 apprentice- Long Arm (p.286)

Wealth Level 2

10’ pole (engineer’s) (WL 3). An engineer’s 10’ pole, also called a longspoon army knife, weighs 5 pounds and telescopes between 2’ and 11’. It contains a periscope for seeing around corners or through dimensional portals. The staff also has thermometers to detect temperatures and thermal gradients along the length of the pole. A sliding bullseye lantern can move between 2’ and 10’. Finally, two flint-tipped and three drilltipped grippers form a retractable waldo that grabs with Strength 3 and has the dexterity to write one’s name with a quill, spark a fire, or drill a 0.5"-diameter bore hole up to 1 foot deep

Trick staff (WL 4). The trick staff sprouts a welter of buttons,levers, and ripcords along the shaft. These conceal or project hooks, blades, telescoping rods, spring-loaded darts, detachable pulleys and line, and more. Their chief use is by engineers who use them to execute environment tricks (see the signature item ability, page 77).

Shack (level 1)

Guildsman clothes (level 1)

[One WL 4 and one WL 3 item from the Engineering or Weapon tables]


Thackett Canard

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