Lord Argos Simonides

A dark-haired man with a piercing gaze, easily able to discern that which is mortal and fleeting from that which is eternal.


Noble 3, human islander, 23 years old


Strength 6
Quickness 6
Reason 4
Charisma 9
Magic 7
Heart 5 (+1 for islander) = 6

Mood: 5 (max =6)
Body: 5 (max = 5)

Wealth: 4

Inspiration: 2 – hatred of those who reject the traditional ways of magic
Inspiration: 2 – love of those who let their passions guide them, for good or ill

History: 6 – born to it: one of the nobility
History: 5 – negotiated successfully with Isabela Raixe’s son, Theo
History: 4 – travelled abroad, learning the customs of many
History: 7 – Rithite monster slayer
History: +1 more

Reputation: 7 (young nobleman of Rithaign)
Reputation: 4 (capable negotiator)
Reputation: 4 (enjoys the company of beautiful women)
Reputation: 6 (Rithite monster slayer)

can lower the doom by one

House Simonides, scope 2

Swashbuckling style: neophyte (Humiliating Blow, Stab and Mock)
Language of Stars: apprentice

None yet

Cottage: rented
Bourgeoise wardrobe
Breastplate and Mail (cheaper in Rithaign) (broken and unworn)
Bottle of expensive wine
Bottle of wine signed by the King

House vambraces
Wound paste
Fashion item of wealth 3
item of wealth 3

Throwing daggers x 2
three items of wealth 2


Argos is the third son to Lord Drumaldi. While it is unlikely that he will inherit, his two older brothers being quite healthy, he is still loved well by his father. Perhaps it is because he physically resembles his mother, Alexis Simonides, a beautiful Islander whom he took as his second wife.

While it was not permitted often, Argos remembers occasional trips to the Islands with his mother, marveling at the fishermen, and the smell of the sea. It is on the sea that Argos now travels, learning the ways of the world, and absorbing its lessons. Hopefully, the day when he is asked to return and advise his eldest brother is far off.

Organization: House Simonides ( Scope 2)

  • Force 7
  • Arcana 2
  • Shadow 6
  • Efficiency 4

Lord Argos Simonides

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