Garrett Tharpe

Troll Warrior 3


Rain (ear) Troll Warrior 3

• Strength 9(8)
• Quickness 4
• Reason 6
• Charisma 5
• Magic 6
• Heart 7
• Body 6
• Mood 6
• Reputation (6): Rithite monster slayer.

Combat Styles: Great Weapon (a), Parapet Defense (a), Arrowheart (n) (called shot held item, called shot torso)
Tharpe is a former soldier who has been making a living as a private investigator who’s most profound case involved a kidnapping; but oftentimes takes odd jobs watching doors and sometimes leg-breaking. Denis Tumenant was the noble who hired me to find the Waverly girl who was found drowned. (10)
Foiled an attempt on his life from a Cutte’rs Guild assassin. Afterwards, he tended to the assassins wounds and loudly shamed the Cutter’s Guild for pursuing a vendetta over a burrito. (6)
He keeps getting himself into real, or potential trouble with, or somehow causes the oppressive nobles or thieves guilds to take notice of him; but somehow through either shear dumb luck or natural skill, is able to get out of it scot free. (6)

Finishing his pursuit. Ever since he found the kidnapped girl too late, he is obsessed with getting to a solution quickly, yet with competance. (2)
Part of the reason he takes jobs is because he just can’t get enough breakfast burritos and beer. (1)
Hurt or threaten an innocent and he will find and kill you. (1)
Just wants to get it over with so he can sit down. (1)

Improved critical. Your critical hits do +3 rather than +2 damage (minor); +4 damage (major); +4 damage and you crit when your opponent rolls a 1, 2, or 3 rather than just a 1 (grand, and note that you still must roll in the top half of your attack range).

Roofsword quality 5
Mail hauberk qualtiy 5/0

Throwing knife quality 2
Alchemical grease
Bear trap
Bow quality 4

Mundane outfit
Tattoo of a black panther on his forearm
Tattoo of his dog tags on his ribs
Brass knuckles (Club) quality 1
Bracers Quality 1

Cutter’s Roofsword
500 orb bottle of Dashberry wine

Armor. You exploit your armor to the fullest. Your armor can absorb 1 Body per quality point, rather than the normal 1 Body per two quality points.


Alexander Stoers and Durance Shanton old army buddies that have been painted in a nobles painting.

Piece of paper with directions to meet about the sunset.

Garrett Tharpe

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