Grigori the Thaumaturge

Wight Wizard 5


Appearance: emaciated, white skin, wild/powerful eyes that are completely black, shadows act strangely around him, moving on their own

Race: Wight
Class: Wizard 5

True love: Grigori is dedicated to protecting Princess Ariadne, his childhood friend and his true love (5)—3
• Obsessed with uncovering hidden knowledge (3)

10: found a ancient library (The Library of Yog-Sothoth, the Hidden One) in a cave near his village and gained access to dark, horrifying magical texts; found texts in the Earl’s villa that added to his dark knowledge; read Princess Ariadne’s mind and discovered secrets of books that she had carried away
9: Saving Princess Ariadne is becoming a habit: Saved Princess Ariadne from an aberration born of the grave, saved her from a falling building and agents of the Dryght
7: emerging completely unscathed from an interrogation with Inquisitor Danvers of the Dryght; again confronted by Inquisitor Danvers at the Tower of the Sultana and escaped the Inquisitor
8: investigated the mystery of the Sunset cult in the villa of the Earl of Glamorsage

(4) Rithite monster slayer.
(6) Mad Carriage Rescue Driver

Str: 5
Quickness: 4
Reason: 6
Cha: 6
Magic: 9 (starting: 8)
Heart: 8

Mood: 4

Body: 5

Language of Stars (Master)—learned from his encounter with powerful dark force in the Library of Yog-Sothoth
Death Lore (acolyte)—learned from the whispers of his familiar Horatio’s memories of death
Hearts (neophyte)

Increase your Mood by 1 whenever your Magic roll (or a magic attack roll) exceeds the Doom. You can benefit from this ability once per scene (minor), twice per scene (major), three times per scene (grand).

Vampiric Implement
When you cast a spell with your implement and cause damage to your target, you gain 1 Body or 1 Mood (your choice) (minor); or 1 Body and 1 Mood (major); or 1 Body, 2 Mood, and up to 2 points of characteristic damage you may have suffered (grand). In any case, you can never exceed your maximum scores through this vampiric effect, and you can only benefit from this ability once per injury, that is, you cannot use this ability a second time until you have healed to your maximum and are again injured.

Wizard Abilities

Once per scene, you may use your implement to grant one spell a bonus die equal to your magic levels, useable on any one roll. If you are in combat, the bonus die can be for attack or defense (magical defense, not physical). If you lose your implement, you must spend a season replacing it.

Arcane Defense
You roll your Magic die as a defense die against all spells, even those that attack physically. You roll your physical defense die as normal, but you also roll your Magic as a bonus defense die.

Familiar: floating skull (named Horatio)
The skull knows two Histories or skills of your choice at a level equal to your magic levels (minimum 4), and it can speak your language, often acerbically.
(8) a scout for a military band of wizard hunters while he was alive
(8) hobby was reading ancient poetry, particularly by insane and/or criminal poets.

WL 3
1) House mage wardrobe (Quality 4)
2) Tenement room-rented

WL 2 (5)
1) stilleto blade
2) studded leather (quality: 2)
3) ?
4) ?
5) ?

WL 1 (5)
1) Tattoo #1-weird sigil representing an Elder God
2) Tattoo #2-an arcane phrase whose meaning has been lost
3) Tattoo #3- a protection rune
4) fanatic follower
5) fanatic follower

Language of the Stars

  • Whispers in Starlight
  • Glow
  • Astral Homunculus
  • Star In the Skull
  • Prophecy


  • Compelling Stars
  • Encrypt
  • Fade
  • Gift of the Stars
  • History Locus
  • Imminence
  • Listen to the Same Stars
  • Magic Mouth
  • Obliterate
  • Sage History


  • Capture History
  • Disjunction
  • Mass Abjuration
  • Occult Doom
  • Seek Spellbound
  • Vatic Annunciation
  • Void

Death Lore
Sign of Ash
Rapture of Ash
Pillar of Ash
Masque of Ash
Limbs of Dust
Mind of the Void
Masque of Dust
Rapture of Silence
Sign of Silence

Animate Corpse
Death Scene
Death Touch
Disrupt Undead
Feign Death
Grave Portent
Moaning Decay
Silence of the Grave

Trollheart (Princess Ariadne?)


Grigori’s father worked as a stablehand, caring for the king’s horses. The young boy spent his childhood on the royal grounds, growing up with Princess Ariadne. The two were playmates and fell in love as teen-agers.
As a young man, exploring the wild lands around his home town, Grigori stumbled upon
a hidden cave. Exploring it over several days, he found a secret library dedicated to one of the Old Ones. He spent days without sleep pouring over the texts until, weak with exhaustion and hunger, Grigori was stricken with a strange, apocalyptic vision of massive disaster. The worst part of the revelation was that he saw the death of his beloved princess.
This sent him on a fanatical quest to understand the nature of his vision. He has sought out dark, forbidden texts and began learning magic in the hopes of preventing the princess’s death.
He has sacrificed everything (including his soul) to save her. She’s afraid of him now but still harbors an affection for him. Grigori has not hope of a future with the princess as he knows she will be married off for political convenience, but his love for her drives him to save her and the world.
As a wizard, Grigori was sponsored by the head of the Simonides family whom he mistrusts, He knows the old man is a schemer. Worse, Grigori senses that he plays some role in his apocalyptic vision.



Grigori the Thaumaturge

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