Steel, Lilacs, and Penumbra (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Plots and subplots

Helping to keep track of events and options

When a kingsman leapt off the roof in an attempt to keep Grigori from meeting Princess Ariadne, the party learned of the Sunset (qv). This kingsman, assumed to be associated with the Sunset, seemed to be attempting to isolate Princess Ariadne from her longtime friend. Despite his status as a kingsman, whether or not the Sunset reaches all the way to King Lucius is unknown – this man may have been acting outside his normal purview. What is known, from Garrett Tharpe's knowledge and Grigori's listening to the stars, is that "the light of the Sunset touches the spider." "Spider" is the peasants' guardedly affectionate name for Princess Ariadne. Also known is that the Sunset seems to have somehow coincided with the death of Godson Volaine, Earl of Glamorsange.

The tainted water supply bringing the flake plague to Rithaign may or may not be related. Certainly Grigori and Tharpe were able to learn that "the Sunset glints along the water." But when Thackett Canard discovered an odd, newly constructed doublemill (wind- and water-) in the Bridge district – a mill that seemed to be doing more than just using the water for power – he did not see any obvious signs of the Sunset.

Then there is the matter of the Eye of Volaine, the bauble that Theodrick Raixe was hired to remove from the Earl's funeral coronet. Its vision of murder was unsettling: Lord Drumaldi taking a knife to Princess Ariadne's throat. And now, unaware of this vision, Princess Ariadne has revealed that another jewel was also taken on the day of the funeral. Both the Eye and the Hand, as the stolen scepter is called, seem precious to Ariadne beyond their value in gold. She hasn't revealed why they are so precious.

Meanwhile, fixer Rodrigo Adelbert wants to make a match for Ste. Jhess's Day: Thackett with Lady Alessia of House Anfield. The fixer charges only a small fee – anyone WL 2 or higher can afford it – and Theodrick Raixe has pointed out that this entrance into the king's House, small though it may be, may naturally lead to more business opportunities for Thackett.

If the matchmaking is off-putting, the news about the Waverly girl is downright disturbing. The Waverly girl has more than one doppelganger, apparently, and they are surfacing across the city. Why this face should return now, and what it means, are unknown.

The patriarch of House Simonides, Lord Drumaldi, has asked a couple of you to undertake matters not made public.

Ginny Siddal of the Merchants Below still has Lord Argos's confirmation papers for reasons unknown. Her short, piston-boot-loving thief and engineer, Theodrick Raixe, wants Thackett to build an aqueduct from the springs on the Earl's summer house island to town.

So next session we could:
* Investigate the windmill
* Investigate the Earl's summer house
* Follow up on the semi-re-appearance of the Waverly girl.
* Contact Ginny Siddal about the papers.
* Search for the thief who took the Hand.
* Whatever else you think of. :)



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