Theodrick Raixe

Engineer, a Merchant Below, short but compensating


Theodrick is an engineer and the son of Isabella Raixe, archmagess of the Dryght. He seems to rely a great deal on his mother’s name, although he has made his own mark of a sort, now being fingered in two significant crimes: prying a strange cabochon cut ruby from the Earl of Glamorsange’s funeral coronet and, nearly a decade ago, taking the High Church’s confirmation scroll recording Lord Argos Simonides’s maturity.

He said that he Intended to give the Earl’s cabochon ruby to someone named Errol. He also claimed that the confirmation scroll now hangs on the wall in Ginny Siddal’s trophy room. It is a mystery why the guild boss of the Merchants Below considers Argos’s scroll to be such a prize.


Theodrick Raixe

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