Princess Ariadne

Reclusive and intelligent. Daughter of Lucius I.


The most recent daughter of King Lucius I, Ariadne of House Anfield grew up splitting time between Rithaign and the court in Hessek. She knows House Simonides and its servants well.

Her reluctance to become spellbound is much gossiped about in the salons of Winter Hill. Her true talents – if indeed she has developed any at all – are unknown.

Dating to the time when several in her childhood circle either died in the war in East Fire or became obsessed with occult secrets, she has become reticent to engage in social activity. She is known to possess a mordant wit, having once remarked to Grigori prior to a state dinner with the Witch of Opana, “Horatio never has anything good to say about anyone. Make sure he sits next to me.”


Princess Ariadne

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