Cutters Guild

Thieves, killers, and enemies of Garrett Tharpe.


The Cutters Guild is the name for the tightly controlled, nepotist guild of thieves, killers, blackmail artists, bodyguards, arsonists, and spell smugglers that claims all of the territory west of the Processional (the main N-S road on the map of Rithaign in the book, p 218).

The guild boss is Treb Quinlan. Most think that he is a very powerful assassin, although he lives an open, seemingly carefree and lavish lifestyle in one of the grandest houses in Winter Hill.

The Cutters’ great rivals are the Merchants Below, led by Ginny “Wheelock” Siddal, who dominate the black market and thieving circles east of the Processional.


Cutters Guild

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