Steel, Lilacs, and Penumbra (Spellbound Kingdoms)

Plots and subplots: Into the Eastfire

Zeppelins and bomber balloons

With Princess Ariadne storming the steps of House Simonides, Baron Drumaldi decided that discretion was the better part of valor. Upon pain of disinheritance, he took his son Lord Argos with him, forcing Grigori and the commoner Thackett Canard to face the Princess's wrath.

Fortunately, Grigori was able to awake something in the Princess that had long been dormant: her feelings for Grigori. Walking in the winter chrysanthemum gardens, he cooled her anger and then warmed her heart with memories of their youth. More Sunset zealots arrived to try to prevent the Princess from conversing with her friends, but their plan backfired as she decided that the Grigori, and not the Sunset, could be trusted. Quickly, Ariadne, Thackett Canard, and Grigori resolved that they needed to find the Dauphin and rescue him from the Sunset's plot to remove all magic from the world. They raced in carriages across town, pursued by two carriages of the sunset, to reach the zeppelin hangar on the Coin Slope and slam the hangar doors shut in front of their pursuers. Princess Ariadne had access to House Anfield's zeppelin, the Sunstealer, and the three of them set a course through the clouds, together with Harriet Harre, a lady-in-waiting who is also a veteran of Eastfire and an experience zeppelin deck officer.

The peaceful trip at several thousand feet was interrupted by two bomber balloons, but the cordsmen descending from the balloons were quickly dispatched by Grigori's debilitating Death Lore masques. Thackett Canard was able to engineer the zeppelin for maximum speed, and the three of them set sail for the mooring pole south of Eastfire where the Dauphin is rumored to have been taken. 



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